Phyllis is loving life in New Braunfels with the Agnews!  
She is a smooth blk/tan from Pepper & Remington!
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Past Puppies
"Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say, Rejoice!"  Philippians 4:4
Belle loves living on a ranch in New Mexico with Casey!  She's from Lizzie and Cowboy.
Sadie lives in Marion, TX,
 with her mom, Judi!  She's a LH blk/tan from Rosebud and Cowboy!
Lucy & Gus  live in Pennsylvania with Tracey and John.  They are 11 months apart!  And beautiful!!
Lily lives in Godley, TX, (near Ft.Worth) with the Browns!  She was our very first red piebald!  
And Cowboy's girl!!
Daisy Mae lives in Kerrville with the Freedle family....With 5 kids, she is having a blast!
Finley lives in Hondo with Jill and David.  He is one of our isabella piebalds from Ellie Mae and Fritz.  We do not get these very often.
"I just wanted to give you an update on Miss Chloe Bell born October 2008.  She is a wonderful compliment to our quirky family!  She is spoiled rotten, has traveled all over the great state of TEXAS, is a protector of our home, our daughter's best friend (they're playing dress up at the time of this email) and very obedient.  She loves to play outside in the tall grass, chase frogs, go for walks and even rides on the dirt bike with my husband and little girl.  She has outgrown the bolting that she once did and now sits patiently at the front door while its open until we tell her its okay to go out.  We love her and are grateful she is part of our lives."

Daisy loves her Daddy Wes in Midlothian, TX!
Frankie and Daeni live with the Corals in San Antonio!  Frankie is a smooth brindle, and Daeni is a silky wirehair from my breeder friends, Sunshine Doxies!
August loves his home in San Antonio with Julie!  He is a smooth chocolate/tan from Allie and Fritz.  He is super shiny!
Chewy is enjoying life with Kelli in San Antonio, TX.  He is a longhair piebald.
Jasmine is enjoying life in Houston, TX, with the Warnes.  She is a black and tan brindle from Barkley and Camillia.
Ruby is very happy at home in Seguin, TX, with Mama Gail!  She is a longhair red brindle from Camillia and Barkley.
Rocky is enjoying life in Colorado with the Millers. He is a smooth classic blk/tan from Allie & Cowboy.
Tess loves living with the O'Neill family.  She is such a sweetheart!!  Tess was our very first chocolate!
Juniper is enjoying life in Deer Park, TX, with her mom, Debbie!  She is from Twilight and Remington.
Gracie is loving life with Sam and Jack.  She was one of our very first babies (2008)!
Daisy is now enjoying life in Round Rock, TX, with the Blankenships.  She is a red piebald from Scarlett and Cowboy.
Beau is loving life with Kayleigh in Germany!
He is an English Cream from Starla and Remington!
Lily is loving life in New Braunfels with Sarah & Chris!  She is a smooth blk/tan piebald from PJ and Cowboy.
Gracie is loving life in New Braunfels with Lori and Ron!  She is an English cream from Starla and Remington.
Gus is very happy in his home with the Zobloskys.  He is a LH red from Camillia and Remington.
Gerda is at home in San Antonio with her papa Carlos! She is a chocolate piebald from Penny and Fritz!
Lulu is loving life in New Braunfels with the Galloway family.  She is a LH blk/tan piebald from Twilight and Jasper.
Brooklyn is loving life in Midlothian, TX, with the Lee family.  She is a beautiful red from Camillia and Remington.
Axl is staying cool in New Braunfels with his daddy, Greg.  He is a LH red from Camillia and Jasper.
Bandit is loving life in San Antonio with the Mills family!  He is a LH blk/tan from Camillia and Jasper.  He has daddy Jasper's red face!
Charlie and Leia are loving life in Oklahoma with the McAlesters!  Charlie is Leia's uncle!  She is from Twilight and Jasper.
Pippa lives in Phoenix with her mom, Amanda!  She is a LH English cream from Starla and Remington.
Queenie lives in Bertram, TX, with the Klosterhoff family.  She is a LH English cream from Starla and Remington.
Drew is apparently loving life in San Antonio with the Petersons and Rory!  He is a smooth red piebald from Scarlett and Cowboy!
Leon and Lando are happy happy dogs in Dripping Springs, TX, with the Troppy family.  They are brothers from Twilight and Jasper.  Leon has Jasper's signature red face!
Tess is loving her home in San Antonio with the Vanleys!  She is an English cream from Starla and Remington.  Like some of her other siblings, she prefers her mama only!
Honeybea is loving life with her Mama Kim.  Honeybea is an English cream from Starla and Remington!
Logan is having a blast in San Antonio with the McKenzie family and Nemo and Helo!  He's a spoiled rotten piebald from Cowboy and Ellie Mae!
This is Rossi!  She is a LH English cream from Annabelle and Remington.  She loves her home with the Neebs and her brother, Ruger!
Annie, Woody, Pax, & Lily (the granddog) are loving life in Marion, TX, with Kay and Jeff!  Pax is a smooth piebald from Ellie Mae and Cowboy!  Woody is a longhair chocolate-based cream brindle from Annie and Barkley!  His Mama Annie also lives with Kay and Jeff!  Lily lives in New Braunfels with the Martins.
This is Lucy!  She is a LH black/cream from Starla and Remington!  She loves the Hays family in San Antonio!
Mollie is loving life in San Angelo with the Boyds and her 2 sisters! She's from Allie and Cowboy!
Biscuit and Gravy are longhair blk/tan piebald brothers from Lizzie and Jasper!  They love their life in San Antonio with the Alvas!
This is Bosley!  He is a longhair black/cream from Vienna and Remington.  He loves his life in Fredericksburg, TX!
Sullivan (left) and Ruby love the Horner family in San Angelo!  They are both longhair red piebalds!  Ruby is the typical little sister who enjoys stealing big brother's ball!
Nema and Suki are spoiled rotten pups living in Houston with the Harrises.  Nema is from Willow and Remington.  Suki is from Lizzie and Jasper.
Cooper loves his Mama Brandi and life in Austin.  He is a longhair red from Rosebud and Barkley.
This is Maggie.  She is a LH blk/cream from Willow and Remington.  She loves  her life in League City with the Phillips!
Pepper loves playing the piano when she's not running around outside.  She loves the Bransons in San Antonio.  She is an almost solid black from Pepper and Barkley.
This is Millie.  She is a LH red piebald from Scarlett and Cowboy.  She loves living in Lubbock with Madison!
Penny and Chopper love their life in Macdona with Michelle.  Chopper is from Ellie Mae/Jasper.  Penny is a chocolate piebald from Pepper/Fritz.
Bubba loves his life in New Braunfels with the Carrellis!  He is an English cream from Willow and Remington.
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Bluebell loves her home in San Antonio with the Menard family!  She is our only blue and tan baby.  She's from Giselle and Jaxon.
Scooter loves living with the Rush family in New Braunfels!  He is an English cream from Vienna and Remington!
Fritz x Charlotte
Born:  December 15, 2020
All smooth chocolate based reds
Ready for new homes:  Feb 9, 2021

4 Weeks Old
Fritz x Hazel
Born Dec 24, 2020
Ready for new homes Feb. 18, 2021
2 Weeks Old
Ursula x Slater
Born Dec 26, 2020
Ready for new homes 
Feb. 20, 2021
2 Weeks Old
Luke is going to Teresa  0.48 lb
Cookie is going to Carlos  1.35 lb
Coco Noelle is going to Charity 1.36 lb
longhair boy   deposit pending
Benny is going to Gina
longhair girl is going to Nicci.
1.12 lb             
longhair boy  1.08 lb
0.76 lb                           0.87 lb
smooth girl is going to Martin.
smooth boy   deposit pending
1.11 lb
Penny 2.25 lbs. Going to the Schaatts
Muttsy 2.28 lbs. Going to Cheri
Bella 2.34 lbs. Going to the Stains
Whiskey 2.49 lbs. Going to the Castros
Charlie 2.31 lbs. Going to the Arthurs
Cooper 2.24 lbs. Going to the Chestnuts