This page was last updated: March 16, 2024
"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."  Proverbs 3:6
RETIRED but living his best life!  Remington is our oldest but very spunky.  He's almost toothless but still enjoys eating.  He has sired almost every English cream we've had and they are all gorgeous and sweet!

12 lbs....DOB 8/7/2010

Sire: LH English Cream   
Dam: LH English Blk/Cream

This is Fritz!  He is a smooth chocolate/tan piebald with green eyes.  He carries chocolate, isabella, and blue!  He is very stout and muscular.  LOVES chasing balls!

14 lbs...DOB 05/04/2016

Sire: Smooth chocolate/tan piebald
Dam: Smooth isabella/tan piebald
1 Day Old
This is Jaxon.  He's a longhair black/tan.  He carries piebald, isabella, blue, and chocolate.
He is super sweet and affectionate!  

15 lbs...DOB  09/25/2017
Sire:  smooth isabella dapple piebald
Dam:  smooth blk/tan
4 weeks
This is Stetson.  He is a smooth wildboar piebald with lots of ticking.  Wildboar means every hair is both black and red.  He is very loving and sweet.  Loves his tummy rubs!

14 lbs...DOB  01/09/2018

Sire:  smooth red piebald
Dam:  smooth wildboar piebald

1 week
This is our cream stud, Cody!  He is a longhair chocolate-based English Cream!  He produces cream brindles and piebalds, as well as solid cream.

DOB September 27, 2022

Sire: LH shaded English cream
Dam:  Smooth English cream
5 weeks old