This page was last updated: July 28, 2020
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New Braunfels, Texas
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Future planned litters

Charlotte x Fritz:  October 2020, smooth reds, chocolate-based reds
Hazel x Fritz:  November 2020, smooth piebalds in isabella, blue, blk/tan, chocolate
Honey x Remington in 2021...LH creams and blk/creams
Bailey x Slater(Katie's brother) in 2021...smooth or LH piebalds in blk/tan and chocolate/tan

**As of July 28, 2020, there are 85 people on my waiting list for various colors, genders, and coats.  I will place new people on the list who are willing to wait a few months for future puppies.  Text or email me your phone number and what you are looking for. If you want to continue looking, check and for other breeders.

We reserve the right to refuse selling to anyone for any reason.  We must feel it is a good match.
Pricing (for Limited AKC, no breeding rights)

All red, black/tan, red brindle, red piebald, black/tan piebald $700
All chocolate/tan & chocolate/tan piebald $700
All wild boar & wild boar piebald $800
All isabella/tan & isabella/tan piebald $900
All blue/tan & blue/tan piebald $900
All English Cream, black/cream, chocolate-based cream $1000
(my cream stud is 2nd generation UK)

Personal checks can be mailed to me (certified mail) or you can bring the deposit to me in person.  No electonic money transfers.
(Serious inquiries only)
Katie x Jaxon
Due August 29, 2020
Expecting 100% longhair in blk/tan, chocolate, and piebald
Remington x Vienna
Due September 7, 2020
Expecting 100% longhair English creams and English black/creams
Jaxon x Giselle
Due September 29, 2020
Expecting longhair and smooth blk/tan, blue, and isabella